Alex the Rogue (deceased)

Unlucky and short-lived hero


He looks just like the Other… obviously.


Little is yet known of the story of Alex, the human rogue who apparently died in the battle against Throx’s minions in the very first adventure. Who was he? Why was he captured by Throx? And what happened to him after his death? How is his corpse walking around and talking and kicking ass?

The Godfather and Mei both recognized Alex when the Other appeared before them, but their connection to the now deceased rogue was not explained. Later, Mei confessed that Alex had been her twin brother. Other tidbits of information about Alex have since been revealed: he considered the Godfather his enemy and he had prayed for vengeance from the God of Darkness. Also, according to Mei, Alex was gay. (Surprise surprise!)

Alex the Rogue (deceased)

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