Chieftain Krotch

Leader of the Burning Itch Clan


A fierce warrior and leader of a mighty tribe of Orcs.


In addition to being a respected member of the Tribal Council, he is also a devoted follower of the God of Darkness and an outspoken supporter of the legend of the Sha’Ka’Kaaa, the awaited chosen one of the orcish people.

He proclaimed the Other as the chosen one, and begged his aid in discovering the identity of the necromancer who was plaguing the orcish people while disguised as a shaman. The Other slew all the shaman and eventually got the one who was truly the bad guy. This left Krotch as the only remaining shaman, and he instantly proclaimed himself the new High Shaman and leader of all orc tribes.

He gave the Other many gifts for his service, including the relic of Gurkain Darkeyes that they had come to retrieve.

Chieftain Krotch

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