Goliath Paladin


One of the last goliaths, Duermic Stonesack is a hopeful and idealistic young paladin whose massive strength is rivaled only by his unwavering devotion to the Aspect of Light. He is loyal, determined, and sees every obstacle as a challenge to be met in the name of his God.


Discovered as a child near orc territories by traveling missionaries of the Order of Light, Duermic was sent to a remote convent to be raised in secrecy where he would be protected from those who might not be happy to see one of his race still alive. There the nuns, led by Sister Mary Gallagher, trained him in the doctrines of the Lord of Flames, the God of the Sun, the Aspect of Light.

Soon after Duermic hit puberty, the Sisters hired a half-orc convert to their sect named Gok to train him in the ways of holy combat, so that he might protect himself and the order should the need arise. The young goliath developed a burning desire to go out into the world and fight evil with his new abilities, but the Sisters were very protective and controlling, refusing to let him out of their sight.

Eventually, Duermic decided his duty to his God was higher than his duty to the Sisters, and late one night he gathered his belongs and took off to forge his destiny!

Soon afterwards, he was captured while trying to save innocents from a burning building. A falling piece of burning timber knocked him unconscious, and he awoke a prisoner, along with several new companions. He played a major role in keeping the group alive (except for Alex the Rogue, of course) and defeating Throx.

Once amongst the humans in the city, Duermic was forced to keep a low profile as his status as the Last Remaining Goliath tended to draw unnecessary attention. In the temple of the God of Light, Duermic passed a test of faith by crossing unharmed through a barrier of fire that protected a sacred shrine. He also discovered that the relics of Davmorn Uthadar, the first paladin, where not held in the Temple as everybody had been told, but instead were held secretly by the nuns in the very convent where he was raised.

Eventually, Duermic returned to the convent with his companions to collect the relic. Sister Mary Gallagher was quite upset with him, but Duermic stood resolute. He faced the trials of faith in Davmorn Uthadar’s tomb, completing his training as a paladin and securing the object of their quest. In addition, however, he was also by divine means given the Sunblade, the ancient weapon of Uthadar, proving that he was a chosen champion of the Light. This gave him the confidence to come out to Sister Mary Gallagher and the other nuns, who, while upset at first, quite quickly accepted him and gave him their blessing.


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