Frodrick von Brinsbane

Handsome and annoying bard


The ruggedly good-looking bard with an ever-present smirk and a taste for expensive clothing.


Frodrick von Brinsbane styles himself the kingdom’s most famous and well-traveled bard, claiming to have traveled to the furthest reaches of the land in every direction. In reality, Froderick IS quite well known, but only as a rake who notoriously skips out on all his debts and tries to take the virginity of innocent young women (and men) everywhere.

The PCs first encountered Frodrick at Inn Inn in Town Town. He flirted with them (especially Duermic) and composed songs dedicated to each of them. The next morning, though, his trick was revealed. He had told the innkeeper that his good “friends” would pick up his tab, and was himself long gone. After agreeing to pay the bill, the heroes were accosted by a group of rough-looking men who also were expecting money from the bard and wanted payment from his “friends.”

Frodrick von Brinsbane

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