Half-Orc Paladin


A kindly old half-orc, despite his gruff appearance and fierce fighting skills.


When a group of missionaries and nuns started preaching to the darkness-worshiping orcs of the eastern desert, they at first had very little success. Eventually, however, a few orcs who were already outsiders amongst their kind gravitated to this new religious teaching.

Gok was one of the early few converts to the God of Light from amongst the orcs. He traveled to the Human City and was there trained in the ways of the Paladin Order founded by Davmorn Uthadar himself. Eventually, after serving faithfully in the city for many years, Gok returned to the Convent (Sisters of Perpetual Stuffiness) in order to aid in the missionary work to his former brothers.

He arrived to find that the Sisters had taken in a goliath child named Duermic, and agreed to train him to become a member of the paladins.

When Duermic returned to the convent after running away, Gok was quick to forgive his former pupil and advise him on how best to quell the anger of Sister Mary Gallagher, the head of the nuns.


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