High Priest Biff

Head of the Church of Order and Earth


Old but still strong, with a long white beard and bad teeth. Smiles often, but his frown chills other dwarves to their bones.


Biff has led the dwarven worship of the Aspect of Order and Earth for several decades. As the spiritual leader of his people, he has had to face the growing despair in the face of the curse that is slowly spelling the doom of the dwarven people.

Some time ago, Biff became aware of a young acolyte of strong faith and blessed with divine powers from their god. He adopted this acolyte, whose name was Ulfric, as his own personal pupil and student. It is rumored amongst the religious dwarves that Biff is grooming this young dwarf to replace him as the High Priest after his death.

High Priest Biff

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