King Bob VI

Lord of the Human Kingdom


A rapidly aging, somewhat vain man who means well but definitely isn’t the strongest leader the humans have ever seen.


The reclusive King Bob leaves most of the ruling to his Council of Lords and other advisers. He is a wise and fair man, but tends to live in fear of his people and appears anxious to make any bold moves.

His son Prince Bob is set to inherit the throne and is a much more dynamic figure, prompting many to wonder what the future of the kingdom will be like.

King Bob was prone to believe the heroes were innocent when they were brought before him for judgment in the Don Corleone murder trial. However, he bowed to political pressure and made the heroes run the Gauntlet of Justice in prove their innocence. After the taintmaster interfered with the Gauntlet, Bob fully pardoned the heroes and told them they would be safe in the city as long as he was King. He then coughed ominously and was escorted out of the room looking very pale….

King Bob VI

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