Lord Barwain

A powerful nobleman with dark intentions


Lord Barwain is a perfectly dressed and groomed nobleman in his middle years. He is powerful, rich, and influential, and every move he makes shows he knows it.


Mei’s former employer, Lord Barwain is a powerful figure in the King’s Council. According to a letter the heroes discovered, he also has to connections to the Godfather’s crime syndicate and the mysterious Cult headed by a figure named Pontifex.

He led the prosecution of the heroes when they were brought before the King and accused of murdering the Godfather. With eloquent fierceness, he denounced them as “foreign miscreants” who displayed the “barbarity inherent in their races” and called for the death penalty. Fortunately, the King was slightly more reasonable.

The Taintmaster implicated Barwain when he attacked the heroes in the Gauntlet of Justice, forcing the Lord to flee the city quickly. In his house, the PCs found some juicy items and a letter revealing more of Pontifex’s plot.

Lord Barwain

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