Human Psion


Dark, secretive, and mysterious, Mei’s past is currently as inexplicable as her telepathic powers.


When the other heroes went to pay a visit to the Godfather, they found Mei already there apparently arguing and tormenting the mob boss (though she never said a word). After the Godfather’s death at the hands of the Other, a few facts about her became clear quite quickly: she worked for Lord Barwain, who was apparently associated with the cult that opposed the heroes, and she had some kind of connection to Alex the Rogue, whose body now served as the vessel for the being known as the Other.

Mei was accused of conspiring with the other heroes to kill the Godfather. While in prison, she learned the story of Alex’s death and promised to heroes that she would help them get through the trial ahead, for now at least.

She then revealed her powers in the Gauntlet of Justic, tearing enemies apart without moving or making a sound. When the Other joined up with the group, Mei revealed that she and Alex were twins but refused to say more about Lord Barwain or her history. A letter found at Lord Barwain’s house revealed he was ordered to kill Mei rather than let her join in with the other heroes, a revelation that seemed to shake her up even further. Ultimately, she agreed to join the four boys on their journey to collect the relics of the ancient heroes.


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