Gnome Ranger


A groovy and laid-back ranger with a loyal wolf companion, Nim is a fierce warrior despite his small size. He likes to laugh and call people out on their bulls***, and finds the theological debates between Duermic and Ulfric to be extremely tedious and pretentious. Nim himself is a quiet but devoted follower of the Aspect of Chaos, God of Nature, and Chillest Dude of All Stuff.


Nim’s mother was a gnome of the servant class in the Floating City who escaped from her servitude to the Eladrin and made her way to the forests below with her newborn child. There she convinced a group of nomadic elven rangers and druids to raise the gnomish child as their own.

These rangers were allies with a wolf pack that served as their companions. The young gnome took to the elven lifestyle quite readily, and even formed a close bond with one of wolf pups at a very early age. As he grew, he absorbed all the lessons that the forest, the elves, the animals, and the Aspect of Chaos had to offer.

One day the head of the elven pack, Nim’s mentor and a total righteous dude, had a divinely inspired dream that he believed meant Nim had to leave the forest and find a new destiny. While traveling towards the human city, Nim and his ally, Wolfenstein 3D, were captured by a mysterious force looking for small heroes that fit his description.

He awoke imprisoned along with several other new companions. His wolf companion was found captured in nearby room. Together, Nim and Wolfie 3D formed a powerful duo that helped the group escape from the “evil” necromancer who had them imprisoned.

In the human city, Nim struck a blow against racial stereotypes by winning the Cross-City Race, the first gnome ever to win this important event. This didn’t keep the Eladrin Ambassador from being a total dick to him, however, when they visited the Embassy to gain information on the Elven hero of legend. Fortunately, the Ambassador’s gnome assistant met up with Nim later to give him the information they needed, and to tell him of the existence of a rebel leader amongst the gnomes, working for freedom and equality against the Eladrin of the floating city. Nim was invited to seek out this leader, a figure known only as “the Gnomenator.”


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