Sister Mary Gallagher

Head Nun at a remote covent


Sour face. Doesn’t like backtalk. Eyes in the back of her head. Can list ten things you’ve already done wrong within 5 seconds of walking into the room.


Leader of the convent where the relics of Davmorn Uthadar are kept in secret. Mentor, mother-figure, and terror of Duermic’s life. She was furious with her pupil for running away without completing his training, and accused him of abandoning the God of Light and falling in with layabouts and hussies.

However, after Duermic proved himself by completing the trials of Davmorn’s tomb and claiming the Sunblade, Sister Mary Gallagher’s heart softened towards young Duermic and she learned to accept him for who he was. Now, Duermic is once again her pride and joy and the apply of her eye (but he still better not talk back!)

Sister Mary Gallagher

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