The Godfather (deceased)

A respectable businessman who only has your best interests in mind


Greased hair, tuxedo, smug smile. Flanked by large bodyguards.


Representing certain concerned parties, the Godfather (Don Corleone) approached the heroes with a proposition. The Don has major suspicions about the Grey Doctor, who he considers a wild card and a loose cannon in his plans for the city.

He asked the heroes to come back and see him after meeting the Doctor to give him a report, and promised to pay them well for information.

Later, the heroes met up with him again at the Grey Doctor’s urging. The Other showed up and killed the Godfather without any warning, saying only that the mob boss had “wronged Alex” as an explanation for his actions.

With the Godfather’s death, the criminal element of the city is now in massive disarray! Who will take his place??

The Godfather (deceased)

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