The Other

Human Warlock


Dark and mysterious, he speaks only when necessary.


When Alex the rogue perished in battle against a group of evil cultists, his body soon rose again, imbued with new, dark powers. Alex was gone, yet something or someone now inhabited his flesh. How this was possible, who this new being was, or what he wants are questions still unanswered.

The Other separated from his companions to accomplish his own secretive mission in the City, and rumors started to bubble up regarding a dark and scary person responsible for the sudden deaths of various criminals and low types. The group ran into him again during a visit to the Godfather, when the Other showed up and killed the mob boss in the name of his God, the Aspect of Darkness. He then disappeared again just before the City Watch showed up. This resulted in the Watch blaming the other heroes for the death of the Godfather.

When the Taintmaster attacked during the Gauntelt of Justice, the Other appeared from amongst the crowd to aid the heroes in defeating the foe. Afterwards, he rejoined their company but remained non-communicative, seeming unfazed even in the face of the revelation that Mei was the twin sister of Alex.

When they group entered the Western Desert to find the relics of Gurkain Darkeyes, the orcs native to that region were shocked to see the Other wielding what they called “orc magic” – they recognized him as the Chosen One prophesied by Darkeyes himself: the Sha’Ka’Kaaa, the Son of Darkness. They asked him to help them find the orc shaman who was secretly a necromancer and plaguing their lands. The Other did this by massacring all the orc shaman entirely, until he at last discovered that the necromancer was none other than the Chief Shaman himself. After defeating this threat, the remaining orcs accepted him as the one and true Son of Darkness and provided him with many gifts.

The Other

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