The Taintmaster (deceased??)

Evil master of evil taints


Creepy, maniacal, undead, and weird.


A gibbering madman with one mission: to destroy the heroes by summoning his foul taint minions. He is a right-hand man and servant of the dark master of the cult that opposes the PCs.

His taints proved ineffective in killing his targets in their first encounter, but the taintmaster himself escaped, swearing it would not be the last time that the heroes tasted his taint.

During the Gauntlet of Justice, the taintmaster killed the creature intended for the third and final trial and faced the heroes himself instead. When it looked like he was going to lose again, he acted in desperation and summoned “MEGATAINT” instead. When the heroes destroyed this new large evil menace, the taintmaster was nowhere to be found and is presumed to be destroyed.

The Taintmaster (deceased??)

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