Dwarf Cleric


A stout and hardy dwarf from the mountains, Ulfric is a devoted battle cleric in service to the Aspect of Order, the God of the Mountain. He is quick to defend his God, and engages in debates with Duermic on the relative merits of the Aspect of Order and the Aspect of Light.

Not content to simply heal his foes from the backlines, Ulfric can often be found in the thick of combat, swinging his mighty dwarven warhammer with all his strength.


As one of the many dwarven males in a society with an increasingly overwhelming male population, Ulfric was chosen at a young age for service in the temple devoted to the Aspect of Order. There he distinguished himself in faith and service. His strength in channeling the holy energies of the Dwarfmaker gained the attention of the High Priest of the temple, who accepted him as an apprentice and adopted son.

Eventually, High Priest Biff decided that something must be done about the curse affecting the dwarves. He chose Ulfric to go out in the world to seek the explanation for why no dwarven females were born, dooming the race to extinction within the next few generations.

Soon after leaving the dwarven homelands, Ulfric was accosted by human bandits who quickly learned the wrath of a dwarven battle cleric. Soon after, however, Ulfric was captured while spending the night in a country inn. He awoke in a cell, along with several other similarly captured new allies. His healing skills and mighty warhammer proved very useful in getting them out that mess.

In the human city, Ulfric and the others faced a lot of racism against non-humans. To complicate matters further, Ulfric had to contend with members of his own race who discovered (to their dismay) the existence of his Goliath companion, Duermic. In a meeting with the local priest of the Aspect of Order, Ulfric also learned of further unrest in his home city. He also discovered that many of the dwarven priesthood believed High Priest Biff was grooming Ulfric to replace him as the leader of their faith.


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