Letter to Lord Barwain



Our master Pontifex is trusting you to keep a sharp eye on Mei and make sure she does not fall into the wrong crowd, if you know what I mean. Use her as little as possible, and keep her away from the others. If her destiny falls in with theirs, kill her at once. Our Master reminds you that you have not seen what he has seen, nor suffered what he has suffered. He knows more than anybody what she is capable of.

Certainly, we must admit that she has proved more useful than expected, but Pontifex is still strongly of the opinion that we should have killed her the moment we found her (just as we must do with the other heroes, now that they’ve revealed themselves at last). At the time I thought his opinion was born simply out of his need for personal revenge against them all, but I am inclined now to believe that we were wrong to convince him to spare her. Her powers are unique, but keeping her alive was too dangerous considering that, at the end of the day, she IS one of THEM. Nothing we did to her was ever going to change that, after all.

Pontifex also directs me to tell you that he is not pleased with the progress of your efforts in the city. Sure King Bob is wrapped around your finger, more or less, but things are entirely still too stable there, no doubt partially due to the meddling of that infernal Grey Doctor. Why have you not had him killed yet? The man worries me, but ultimately he is irrelevant. Just kill him, as carefully as you can. Also, your lack of progress in finding the machine is infuriating. You know as well as I that if we can stop that machine from being activated, the whole game will have changed in our favor.

Our plans progress well in other areas. The ancient places are secure, their energy totally converted to the True God. What’s more, they remain safely sealed against outside interference – ironic that their seals have served us in the long run, yes? The dwarves are already at each other’s throats as their numbers dwindle (a genius move by our Master, if I do say so myself) and our servants there are quite well positioned. And if things progress as quickly with the elves as we expect, there will soon no longer be a floating city to worry about at all.

The key now is the heroes – they must be killed or slowed down in any way possible. Damn Throx for ignoring our warnings and botching their capture! What a moron! We’ve waited too long for this to fuck it all up now. Our friend the taintmaster has gone more unstable than usual now that the heroes have shown up, and I’m afraid he might do something really stupid soon. You’ve given him too long a leash, and if he over-steps himself he’ll reveal you to the King and the whole city. Run a tighter ship. Find the machine. Kill the heroes, including the girl. That all really should not be too difficult, right? I mean, what kind of villian are you?? Jeez.

PS. Burn this letter! I was just thinking how awful it would be if somebody kept finding all of our letters to each other and started to slowly piece together all of our plans. One shudders to think!


Letter to Lord Barwain

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