Super Awesome Campaign of Awesomeness

Session 1
Escape from the "evil genius"

After setting out from their individual homelands to find their greater destinies in the world, Nim, Ulfric, Duermic, and Alex the rogue were each caught by some mysterious organization who had been looking for wandering adventurers who matched their description.

And so the four found themselves thrust together under unfortunate circumstances, waking up to find themselves in cages in some unknown lair. Here they also met Finch, a halfling druid who had himself been captured some months prior. The five introduced themselves to each other warily, unsure of where they were but knowing they had to escape soon!

A voice and then a projected image of an old man appeared, who seemed surprised but relieved to see them. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting??” the old man shouted. He knew them all by name, but didn’t seem to recognize Finch or Alex. He advised them to escape as soon as possible and head to the human city, where they would locate a man known as the Grey Doctor. The old man later let it slip that he was himself the Grey Doctor, a secret he had hoping to reveal dramatically when they finally met up, but he was bad at keeping secrets.

After the old man’s image faded, the group were able to escape by ambushing the guard who came to feed them and taking his keys. They then fought their way through a group of dark cultists, who wore shadowy robes and were sacrificing dogs to some unknown god. Nim was reunited with his wolf companion, Wolfenstein 3D, who was nearly sacrificed! Once they had defeated the cultist, a voice resounded through the caverns, identifying itself as the leader of this small group and taking great pains to tell them all how evil he was.

Unfortunately, during the battle one the cultist sort of, well, exploded. All of the heroes were able to get out of the way of the blast except for Alex, who was killed instantly. The others did not know what to do except throw Alex’s body over their shoulders and head for the exit.

They had to slog their way through nefarious traps set to stop them, including a rolling boulder, a room with a moving wall that squished them, and an EVIL maze of mirrors that had only one mirror in it. “I ran out of budget!” the evil voice explained. They then found out that they were heading to a dead end, and that there wasn’t even an exit at the end of all those traps. “I’m an evil genius!” the voice gleefully said.

When they returned to the room where the cultists had been slain, the evil voice called on his minions to serve him again from beyond the grave. The cultists and the sacrificed dogs rose up as zombies. The party was in the process of fighting these enemies, when a dark blast appeared from nowhere and knocked one of them down. They turned to see Alex standing up, fully alive and alert, and wielding powers of darkness he had clearly not had earlier.

Once the zombies were killed, it became clear that Alex was gone and whoever this new companion of theirs was who possessed his body, he was not identifying himself or providing explanations of any kind. They found a secret door behind the altar that led to the final room. There Throx, the evil voice who had been taunting them, faced them with his undead orc body-guard. The “evil master” fell before them rather easily, lamenting as he died that this was not supposed to be the way things worked.

They claimed a few magical items and treasures from their foe’s stash, as well as a letter that made it clear Throx was part of some kind of larger organization which held him in contempt, but was still looking for certain adventurers out in the world. The party knew they’d probably have to face these foes again, but in the meantime it was time to claim their freedom and head out to find the Grey Doctor and get some answers…


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