Aranel Séregon

A powerful mage of the class of elves that would soon be known as the eladrin, Aranel is revered by the high elves as the architect of their great city of Mithrandain and savior of their people.

When their fledging city found itself the target of dwarven attack, the elves feared they had no chance of survival and that their burgeoning civilization was doomed. A group of elves who were delving into the magic arts, led by Aranel, came up with a powerful spell that would lift the city itself high into the air, saving its inhabitants from their foes. This was considered a stroke of genius, and the credit was largely given to Aranel himself.

As the war continued, he argued that the elves’ new position of safety did not mean that they should ignore the growing conflict below. He led a combined force of elves and eladrin volunteers that joined with the humans against the empire, and fought valiantly at the Battle of Winter’s Eve.

Though he continued to hold great influence amongst the eladrin in the city and a seat on their ruling council, Aranel often found himself at odds with the diverging culture of Mithrandain. When the war was over, his insistence that the city be returned to the earth so that they could reconnect with their brother elves and the other races was ignored by his brethren. While many of his fellow magic users were turning to the worship of the Aspect of Darkness in their search for more magical power, Aranel never wavered from his faith as a disciple of the Aspect of Chaos, the elves’ traditional deity and patron god.

When at last Aranel died, hundreds of years after the end of the Age of the Myth, he was entombed in a specially constructed Vault in the floating city, where his remains are considered a national treasure to the eladrin to this day.

Aranel Séregon

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