Kevros Soulaxe

While the majority of the dwarves were caught up in the patriotic fervor of the expanding Dwarven Empire, a few brave dwarves stood in opposition to their own race and joined the alliance of the other races to stop the Empire.

Kevros Soulaxe was a hero of the last great battles against the Goliaths, and a well-respected general of the Empire. When the dwarves began their assault on the other races, Kevros found his conscience was troubled by the actions his nation. His objections to the war led to his disgrace and exile. He and a small band of followers joined with the human alliance and repelled the attack of the Dwarves at the climatic battle of Winter’s Eve, saving the human city.

After the battle, the Empire greatly softened in its policy towards the other races and many treaties of peace were forged. However, Kevros was still labeled as a race-traitor and was never allowed to return to his homeland.

A hundred years after his death, the dwarven people, blessed with the hindsight of history, recognized Kevros’ courage and honor and gave him a posthumous pardon. His remains were transferred to the sacred vaults of the dwarven ancestors, where he was at last given a hero’s burial.

Kevros Soulaxe

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