The Age of Myth

“The Age of Myth” is the term used in present times to refer to an earlier period of history characterized by powerful magic, diverse races, creatures, and monsters, and a powerful expansion of cities, towns, and empires.

During the Age of Myth, the world was influenced by the power of the Guardians, ancient and sacred creatures left by the Gods to watch over their creation. Inaccessible and reclusive, the Guardians were nevertheless tangible creatures whose aura of divine energy was felt indirectly in ever corner of the world and in every part of society.

It is said the air crackled with magic, and wielders of arcane and divine magic were plentiful. Even martial warriors were said to have possessed a level of mastery in their skill rarely seen in present times. The presence of so many powerful warriors and magicians proved vital to the early growth of the civilized races: monsters abounded and many traveled the lands in groups seeking to destroy or plunder any settlements.

During this Age, the dwarven people thrived due to their relatively impenetrable strongholds in the mountains and their organized and efficient political structure. They eventually formed an empire which spanned much of the northern reaches and dominated the politics of this early period. Their armies were extremely effective, and near the end of the Age the dwarves proved themselves unequaled in military strength in an offensive campaign against the other races. The exception was the Battle of Winter’s Eve, in which a relatively small allied force of humans, elves, rebel dwarves, and orcs were able to withstand the onslaught of the dwarven army in a battle still sung of in legend.

One of the most important events of the late Age of Myth period was the founding of the City, which grew to play a central role in history and is currently the capital and common ground for all remaining races. In its early days as a human settlement, the City was almost lost several times to monsters, politics, and other dark forces, and it was only through the efforts of the heroes of the day that it managed to survive at all and grow into the metropolis that it has become today.

By general consensus of historians, the Age of Myth came to an end abruptly with the death of the Guardians who were for all their power still mortal creatures. Though little is known of the reasons for their death, popular legend has attributed their murder to a person, entity, or group known as The Slayers. Their motivations are unknown, but they are generally reviled for the changes they brought to the world. Since the death of the Guardians, there has been a general decline. Magic is no longer as prevalent or powerful and many races and creatures have died out or dwindled in numbers. Much that once was commonplace has now, some several hundred years later, become legend and fable.

The Age of Myth

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