The Elves

One of the oldest races to inhabit the world, the elves were originally set to be the guardians and protectors of nature and the collectors of wisdom and lore. They existed in this capacity for thousands of years, leaving seamlessly in the wild places of the world, playing with woodland creatures and teasing the other races. They were a light-hearted, fun-loving people…. at first.

Hundreds of years ago, at the end of the Age of Myth, a major shift appeared in elven society. Some of the wandering bands joined together and founded a permanent city. While this was a small, unobtrusive settlement at first, it eventually grew into a bustling metropolis and more and more elves gave up the wandering ways of their ancestors and took to a civilized and structured society modeled on that of the other races. The dwarven empire was thriving at the time, and many elves envied their elaborate cities and power. They began an extensive study of magic and, aided by a sudden burst in devotion to the Aspect of Darkness, they became unrivaled in their magical talents.

Eventually, however, the dwarves saw the growing elven city as a threat to their empire’s dominance. They prepared to lay siege to the city and bring it under their control. Knowing they could never best the dwarven armies, the elves prepared a mighty spell to make their city unassailable. The resulting spell lifted the entire city into the sky, where it floated safely over the Eastern Forests totally unreachable by the ground-dwelling dwarves.

Cut off from the rest of the world by their new self-imposed solitude, the elven society drifted further from its roots. They prospered, grew rich and arrogant. The highest born elves, those occupying the places of power and wealth within in the city became known as the Eladrin. The study of magic is highly prized among them, and a wielder of arcane magic of any race would probably have studied among them at some point in their life.

But there were some elves that did not forget their old ways, who felt their place was not in the sky but on the ground tending to nature. These elves felt that their race was created by the the Aspect of Chaos and that they had turned their back on the purpose that God had given them. Refusing to join their brethren, they live in the forest below where they attempt to reclaim their ancient place in the world.

The Elves

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