The Gods

Residents of our world revere the Four Gods of Creation, who are worshiped both individually and as a unified collective entity. Each God represents different Aspects of the world, and are referred to by many different names referencing their many characteristics and dominions. Each is often referred to as “the God” (which God is being referenced is determined by context) and collectively as, of course, “the Gods.”

While many are devout and worship the Aspects as Divine Entities, many others think of the Gods more symbolically and refer to them rhetorically or philosophically. Most people revere them as ideas, even if they do not believe in them as deities.

The Four Gods are:

  • The Aspect of Order, Epitome of Progress and Civilization, Paragon of Stone and Earth
    Names: Stonefather, Earthbrother, The God of the Mountain, Dwarfmaker, Urbanus, Lawgiver
    Domains: Mountains, Caves, Underground; Cities, Laws, Commerce; Knowledge, Study, Progress
The Aspect of Order is a widely worshiped God, particularly in cities and among the dwarves, who regard him as the spirit of the mountains and creator of their race. Magistrates and judges are nominally referred to as priests of this Aspect, and by tradition are expected to give an offering to him before passing judgment. Scholars also revere him as a protector of knowledge. Classes drawn to this Aspect are: Clerics, Runepriests, Warlords, Fighters, and Monks. PCs who follow this Aspect may sometimes discover that their abilities gain strength when they are in civilized or underground areas.

  • The Aspect of Chaos, Epitome of Impulse and Inspiration, Paragon of Nature and Air
    Names: Muse, Song-giver, Lord of the Wood, Wanderer, King of Beasts, Treeshaper
    Domains: Music, Art, Forests, Wind, Sky, Roads, Animals
The Aspect of Chaos is a welcome friend for many, as he is the God of laughter, music, plants, animals, and air. Musicians, poets, and travelers call him friend, and offerings are made to him at weddings and other festive events. He is much revered in wild, less populated areas, and elves particularly hold him high regard as the spirit of the woods. As the ruler of winds, sailors seek his favor. Classes drawn to this Aspect are: Bards, Shamans, Barbarians, Wardens, Rangers, and Seekers. PCs who follow this Aspect may sometimes discover that their abilities gain strength when they are in forests or other wild areas.

  • The Aspect of Light, Epitome of Justice and Truth, Paragon of Sun and Fire
    Names: The Sun, The All-Seeing One, The Righter of Wrongs, Heatmaker
    Domains: Healing, Charity, Retribution, Day, Confession, Sacrifice
The Aspect of Light draws a devoted following, particularly amongst humans. Churches and cathedrals dedicated to this Aspect can be found in every major city, and regular worship is held in his honor. As patron of charity and protector of the weak, he is particularly popular amongst the poor and needy. His blessing is said to grant the capacity to see through all falsehoods. His followers and many clergymen seek all that is noble and selfless. The now extinct goliath race were early champions of this God, worshiping primarily in his role as Lord of the Flame. Classes drawn to this Aspect are: Clerics, Paladins, Avengers, and Invokers. PCs who follow this Aspect may sometimes discover that their abilities gain strength during the day, particularly at noon.

  • The Aspect of Darkness, Epitome of Magic and Illusion, Paragon of Moon and Water
    Names: The Man in the Moon, Dreamgiver, the Whisperer, Shadowmaker,
    Domains: Night, Dreams, Magic and Secrets, Vengeance, Seas & Lakes, Mirrors and Spirits
The Aspect of Darkness has few fully dedicated worshipers, but many fear him and offer him sacrifice from time to time. He rules the night, and those unlucky enough to find themselves outside their homes after sundown call on his name for protection. He sends dreams and guides magicians. The wronged call on his name for vengeance. Children often recite a chant in his honor before confessing secrets to each other. He rules the seas, rivers, and lakes, and thus sailors seek his favor and fear his ire. The barbaric Orcs of the West have long devoted themselves to this Aspect’s service. Classes drawn to this Aspect are: Swordmages, Rogues, Assassins, Shaman, Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards. PCs who follow this Aspect may sometimes discover that their abilities gain strength during the night, particularly at midnight.

The Gods

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